I feel led to ask a very basic and direct question of L. Sewell and the Elders of Evangel. Perhaps some of the Sewell supporters who monitor this site will take my question to him. What exactly is it that Sewell wants from Evangel to take to Triumph? If he and some of his followers truly believed it was God’s will that they go and fellowship with Triumph then there should be no problem if there were a group of believers that would stay behind and continue to preach God’s word at that location. Sewell has not been willing to leave in that manner so what is it that he wants/needs? Or Perhaps more accurately, what does Solomon Kinloch want/need from Evangel.

  1. 1) We know it’s not the physical building because the message from the beginning was that the building is in horrible physical shape and is virtually worthless. The plan presented by Sewell from the beginning was that the building would be sold and Evangel assets liquidated. The only reason they have softened this stance is to pacify the membership.
  2. 2) We know it is not the name and 501c3 status of Evangel. Every draft of operating agreements that have been shown to Evangel’s Elder Board have had Evangels funds and non-profit status being placed under the Triumph umbrella and working through that parent organization. The only reason they have softened this stance, saying that Evangel will remain as a separate organization, is to again pacify the membership.
  3. 3) We know it is not the congregation because Sewell has stated that those who do not agree with him can leave. Over 200 members stopped attending services last year. Virtually all church ministries were eliminated and all members who were led to minister in those programs were dismissed from their role in those programs.(i.e. Sunday School, Youth Group, Theological education) Only a skeletal form of a couple programs have been instituted. Sewell has said on a couple of occasions that members would have input regarding this partnership but that was said only to pacify the membership.

What else is there for Sewell/Kinloch to get from Evangel? What else could they want? The only thing left is money! Elders of the church, you are not overseeing a change in ministry direction. You are being used for the acquisition of assets to get a certain amount of money. So lets be honest and tell the members of Evangel, how much money do they want to walk away from us? The only other factor that could be at play in this matter is “pride”, and I can’t help them with that problem.