Placed on car windshields during church service on 2-9-2020

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Truth is Godly – In life, reasonable people seldom disagree, if equally informed with the truth.
“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” John 8:32

Keeping it simple our three primary grievances are:

1) Evangel’s Governance has been changed from Member Directed to Director Directed without the approval of the congregation.

2) Nearly 300 long time members of Evangel have been driven away by current leadership.

3) Our requests to allow the True and Full Membership of Evangel to have an organized voice and vote have been thwarted by Mr. Sewell.

We believe it impossible for any informed, Godly thinker, to not side against leadership for each of these grievances.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Our initial goals are to take back control of the church and replace the Senior Pastor.
However, our real goals are to: 1) Save the Church, 2) Heal the many broken lives on both sides of this matter, and 3) Serve Christ.

People are hurting and continue being hurt. Our heart grieves for the persons who printed and distributed the fliers shown in the images above. Not because we believe we are right and they are wrong; but because we understand they are hurting and do not understand why we have taken our stand. Pray for them because they are hurting, Pray for Evangel that it will be restored, Pray for Us that we will remain Godly and be victorious. Ask God to intervene and restore lives and the relationships amongst us all, because we are all Christ’s Church & Body.